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Our Story

My entrepreneurial journey began as a teenager while assisting my mother with her trading business at a boisterous market in a suburb (Lagos, Nigeria). I witnessed, firsthand, her struggles as a trader – having to push sales tenaciously against all odds, rigorous negotiations with customers to break-even as well as turning down “juicy” opportunities to grow her business due to lack of financial resources. These experiences reshaped my perspectives to life – taught me grit, resilience and of course, instilled the entrepreneurial spirit in me. I will say that my mother and her experiences in the marketplace significantly influenced who I am today.

Having researched and observed the African business environments, limited access to finance, in my opinion, remains a major hurdle in Africa after many decades. So, in 2016, Pinnacle Business Solutions Limited was established to provide strategic advisory and business support services to local and foreign businesses. Our core aim is to reduce the high rate of business failures due to inadequate access to funding and the inability of local businesses to meet investment requirements needed to enable them to attain the economies of scale that assures profitability.

Banji Ajilore

Founder & Managing Partner